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Unlocking the World, 017/?

Title: Unlocking the World

Author: lazalot_anreads

Beta: dracovontrapp

Characters/Pairings: Draco/Harry

Challenge: B-Day fic for gurliemoviegeek, who requested dancing and sex

Summary: Draco is drawn to Harry for reasons he can’t explain. When Harry confronts him, they unlock a prophecy written hundreds of years ago by the founders themselves.

Notes: WIP, AU 4th Year, Young Lovin’

Unlocking the World, chapter list

Chapter 017

                “How?!” Harry all but yelled, terror slamming into him. “Why?!”

                “Calm yourself,” Snape said sharply, eyes glued to Draco, who had lowered his head and was shaking it slowly. “Draco?”

                “Father,” Draco replied quietly, “I’m going to have to fight him, aren’t I?”

                “Yes.” Snape sounded sad. Harry touched Draco’s shoulder a bit uncertainly, and the blond started a bit but didn’t pull away, so the brunet let his hand trail lower and rubbed the other boy’s back. A soft purring sound filled the room and Harry was surprised, though not as much as he might have been were in not for the book he’d been reading, to realize it was coming from him. Snape raised an eyebrow at Harry but continued, “Unfortunately, the ritual requires the blood of an enemy, and I’m sure you both know who the Dark Lord’s favorite enemy is.”

                “We have to let it happen, don’t we?” Harry asked, gaze fixed on the fire because he didn’t want to see the pity in his professor’s eyes anymore. “The way the prophecy is written – and we know it’s about us, we all know it – means we have to let the war happen. But … what if we didn’t?”

                “I’m not sure I want to know.” Draco looked at him and he couldn’t help but look back. Draco had tears running down his cheeks but the look in the blond’s eye was more determined than anything else. “We studied prophecies in History of Magic, remember?” Of course Harry didn’t, having most likely been asleep at the time, and Draco blew his breath out in an irritated sigh. “It would just change, Potter, you can’t escape a true prophecy. You can try, like you’re suggesting, but according to Professor Binns, it would only result in nasty side-effects.”

                “Oh.” Harry sighed, wishing once more that his friends could be there with him like they’d always been in the past. He needed the support. “What if Voldemort decides to kill me once he’s alive again? I don’t want …” he trailed off, but the unspoken words hung in the air. Harry didn’t want to die.

                “It won’t happen!” Snape’s tone was positively fierce, and Harry looked at him, startled out of his own self-pity. “The Dark Lord will be much too weak after the ritual to do anything but run like the coward he really is. Unfortunately, I reported everything to Dumbledore already, and he’s the real threat. He plans to show himself as soon as the ritual has been completed, surprise the Dark Lord, and ‘rescue you’,” he sneered, “once he’s had the honor of vanquishing the most powerful Dark wizard the world has ever seen.”

                “Well, then,” Harry was shaking with rage, but he had more important things to focus on at the moment, “that won’t do, will it?”

                “No, it won’t,” Snape agreed, “which is why I advised him against it. Not that he’ll listen to me, of course. He’s as hungry for power as any Slytherin has ever been, and he won’t let such an opportunity pass him by. I didn’t, however, tell him that the Inner Circle has made a portkey out of the Dark Lord’s robes that will take him to safety as soon as the ritual is complete.”

                “Why not?” Harry asked, curious. “At the time you didn’t know anything about the prophecy, did you? So why wouldn’t you have told the headmaster about the Portkey?”

                “I just found out about it this morning, actually,” Snape replied, touching the disgusting tattoo on the inside of his left arm self-consciously. “I was also given a Portkey I’m supposed to give to you in two week’s time, on Halloween night, that will take you to the ritual site. I did tell Dumbledore about that, and he instructed me to follow through with it.”

                “Bastard,” Draco growled, “he doesn’t give a damn about Harry, does he?”

                “But you do?” Harry turned to his former enemy. The look of pure fury on the blond’s face was all the answer he needed, and Harry kissed him gently before turning back to the professor. “So, then, we have two weeks to come up with a plan. Professor, you may dislike them, but my friends would stand by us, and Ron’s an excellent strategist. Hermione is smart, too, you know she is. You know they could help us.”

                “Yes,” Snape agreed mildly. “But are you quite sure they won’t go running to Dumbledore if we show them the prophecy? Are you quite sure you want to drag your friends into something we know next to nothing about? Are you quite sure, Harry?”

                “I am,” Harry said firmly. “Ron and Hermione have stood by me through everything since our first year, and they’ll stand by me through this. They’ll stand by all of us, if the two of you will let them in. Ron may be a bit difficult, at first, but if you treat him right he’ll do the same for you. Hermione … well, she’s not nearly as intimidated by either of you as I know you’d like to believe. You just have to trust me, both of you. So?”

                Draco is probably going to have a fit,’ Harry thought, so he was stunned when Draco suddenly said, “I agree. About Granger, I mean, I’m not too sure about the Weasel … Father told me that every member of the Weasley family was a joke, a black mark on Wizarding society. Now that I think about it, I know that what Father is doing is going to destroy the entire Wizarding world, though, so what does that matter? It’s so strange, the way I think about Father and what he’s done and is doing now. I’ve never spoken about it with other people, I’ve just believed every d-damn lie the – the bastard t-told me.”

                Harry’s first instinct to this announcement was to end the conversation, now, and he followed it. “I think it’s time Draco and I get a few hours rest – then we’ll do the potion, okay?” he said firmly. “I need to be alone with my mate.”

                “Of course,” Snape said, after a pause. “I’ve things to do, as well.”

                Harry fairly dragged him to their suite, hugging him tightly as soon as the door had closed. He didn’t say anything, and neither did Draco. What could you say, really, when your world was turned completely upside-down? Harry led Draco to the bed and they stripped, climbing under the covers of the huge bed before curling into each other again. Draco held onto Harry tightly and buried his face into the brunet’s neck, breathing harshly.

                “It’s okay, baby,” Harry whispered, stroking Draco’s hair soothingly. He was startled when Draco hooked his leg over Harry’s legs and pushed his hard cock against the brunet’s soft one, which reacted immediately. Harry decided sex would be a good distraction, so he rolled on top of the other boy, eating the blond’s mouth and grinding his erection into Draco’s. “Yeah, baby, I’ve got you.”

                Harry,” Draco groaned against his mouth, bucking his hips and spreading his legs to let the brunet settle between them. “Oh … I want … oh, Harry!” He bucked and writhed as Harry slid down his body and engulfed his cock in a single move, gripping and tugging at fistfuls of black hair in a way that made the boy sucking him absolutely mad with lust. “Oh! I want, stop, I want you to – Harry!”

                Harry just hummed contentedly as he swallowed the blond boy’s cum and licked it away from the corners of his mouth before crawling up to kiss his mate sweetly. “Feel better?” His voice was hoarse from deep-throating – not that he knew that was what he’d been doing – the blond’s long, slender cock. His own erection ached, but he just snuggled into Draco’s side and stroked the blond’s soft hair, pretending not to hear the little sniffles that let him know his mate was crying.
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