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I started this one back in 2005, but have slowly been working on it. I don’t recall if I ever posted a link, but I’ll do so now.

Xposting to a few communities, so the link will bring you to my creative Journal, esotericlyric, because that’s easier than posting nine (so far) chapters to four different communities.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Harry Potter and the Unsettling Discovery
Author: Arynn Octavia
Category: Drama, Slash, Humor in places
Spoilers: Up through book 5, after that it's AU.
Rating: R
Summary: Harry has always been different. He’s gotten used to it by now. But when he realizes how different he really is, will he and his friends be able to cope? Harry/Draco f/t.
Other pairings: Hermione/Ron
A/N: My first time writing for this fandom. WIP.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot, and this half eaten bag of Skittles. This is not an infringement; it's a tribute.

Harry Potter and the Unsettling Discovery
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