Kitty (kitty_fic) wrote in hd_first_time,

You're Not Helping (Pt.2)

Title: You're Not Helping! (Pt.2)
Author: kitty_fic
Beta: treacle_tartlet
Rating: NC-17
WordCount: 2480
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warnings: cross-dressing, explicit m/m sexual content, language
Disclaimer: I own nothing. JK Rowling owns everything. No money is being made by me.
Notes: This is a direct sequel to You're Not Helping!.
-Written for harrylovesdraco Prompt #1- "first time".
-DEDICATED to treacle_tartlet♥ who spent tons of time holding my hand looking up Draco's skirt!
-Also THANK YOU to celestlyn, brissygirl, and talekayler for more hand holding, encouragement and advice!

Summary: The 8th year students are playing truth or dare. Ron thinks he's helping, but he's really not!

"Dare," Harry whispered and the moment the word left his mouth he regretted it. Not that he had a choice, really, because truth was obviously not an option.
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